Supply Chain members are defined as companies that are involved in the delivery of food-away-from-home products, including Broadline Distributors, System Distributors, Specialty Distributors, Cash & Carry, and Redistributors.


IFMA helps supply chain organizations stay informed and connected through networking opportunities with operators and suppliers, access to unique insights and data, and participation in industry-change initiatives.


Supply Chain Membership is in Two Tiers

Below is an overview of the tiers. If you want more detailed information click the plus sign next to each tier in the section below.

Tier I


Benefits include: 

Ability to Attend Conferences

  • Members will have the ability to register for all IFMA conferences and events at the Supply Chain member-rate. This includes member-only events such as Presidents Conference and COEX.

Access to Web Content

  • All individuals within member companies will have access to all webinars, whitepapers, research, video, and other insights and best practices that reside on

Access to IFMA Scope® (basic)

  • All individuals within member companies will have access to the Operator Landscape portion of IFMA Scope, including information on segment forecasts, operator and consumer spend, dayparts, sourcing, and influencers. Members will also have the ability to download this information.

Access to Webinars

  • Access to all webinars hosted on IFMA’s platform, available to all individuals within member organizations.

Member-Pricing for Trainings

  • Preferred member pricing for training classes including Foodservice Fundamentals and other curriculum to be developed.

Monthly Newsletter

  • All individuals at member company have access to IFMA’s monthly newsletter, providing key updates on the association and the industry.

Discounts for Industry Project Outputs*

  • As part of the cross-industry initiative that IFMA will lead, outputs will be made available to the industry. IFMA members in this tier will have the opportunity to purchase these deliverables at a member discount.

Listing in Member Directory*

  • Organizations will be able to search the IFMA member directory as well as list their company name, website URL, and contact information on the directory.

*Under Development

Tier II


Benefits include: 

Everything in Tier I PLUS: 

Presidents Conference Registration

  • Members in this tier receive one complimentary registration for an individual within their organization to the annual IFMA Presidents Conference 

Full IFMA Scope®

  • In addition to having access to the Operator Landscape portion of IFMA SCOPE, all individuals within member companies will have access to the full tool, including the segments and markets portion of the portal, enabling them to access segment-specific information and information on all 211 designated market areas (DMAs).

Special Pricing for IFMA Training

  • Complimentary registration for two employees to Foodservice Fundamentals. In addition, additional discounts will be available for other training as it is developed. 

Training Support on IFMA Tools

  • Tier II members will have access to IFMA staff to aid in the use of its tools, including IFMA Scope, the website, membership directory, etc. Each Tier II member company will be able to schedule an annual training call to review all IFMA resources.

Ability to Participate on Select Planning Committees

  • Tier II member organizations can have up to one representative on the following planning committees:

    • Presidents Conference

    • Gold & Silver Plate Celebration 

Opportunity to Participate in Next Gen Execs Program

  • IFMA Next Gen Execs is a nomination-based program that provides executive leaders the opportunity to identify and provide high potential leaders with meaningful connectivity and engagement in the industry. Members in Tier II will have the ability to nominate up to three individuals within their company to participate in this program.



For more on IFMA’s long-range plan, see the "Level Up 2027: A New Path Forward for IFMA" report for details. 

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Interested in joining the food-away-from-home evolution in 2024? Contact our membership team at  to learn more about this new IFMA membership type.