IFMA’s Consumer Planning Program (CPP) is a benefit exclusive to IFMA’s Tier Three Manufacturer Members.

CPP launched in 2012 to delve deeper into the consumer mindset. Currently, the program works to understand consumer and operator behavior and what manufacturers can do to influence decision-making.  

Each year, the CPP Committee collaborates to select approximately twelve research topics that are then executed by IFMA's research partner, Datassential. Findings from the research are discussed in numerous Committee meetings. Each Tier III Manufacturer Member Company gets a full research deck and a cross-tabbing tool for each completed project. 

Along with research, CPP offers guest speakers, monthly meetings, profiles of consumer life stages, and archetypes of operators’ attitudes toward their business.

Research Schedule Table
2024 IFMA CPP Research Schedule Research Delivery Date Topic(s)
Research Window #1 April 2024 1. Spending & Value Decisions
Consumer & Operator Dynamics
Research Window #2 May 2024 1. Social Media Marketing
2. C&U Evolution
Operator Needs & Preferences
Big Report (8 Topics) October 2024 TBD
Research Window #3 December 2024 TBD

The CPP Committee is made up of individuals from a manufacturer company’s insights / customer marketing / category marketing, and some salespeople. The Committee meets online once a month for an hour, but attendance is not mandatory. An annual in-person meeting has happened in the past.

2023 Research Topics:

  1. Menus and LTO Decisions (Operators)
  2. Branding and Visibility at Operations (Operators)
  3. Sustainability & Waste Management (Operators)
  4. Dayparts and Snacking (Consumers & Operators)
  5. Operator Touch Base on Challenges & Opportunities (Operators)
  6. Consumer Spending Attitudes (Consumers)
  7. Operator Product Interests (Operators)
2022 Research Topics:
  1. Impact of Inflation (Operator)
  2. Simplicity in Operation (Operator)
  3. Dinner Evolution (Consumers and Operators)
  4. E-Commerce (Operator)
  5. Food on the Go (Consumer)
  6. Travel & Leisure (Consumers and Operators)
If you are interested in participating in the IFMA Consumer Planning Program (CPP) or would like to purchase the 2022 CPP Report, please contact Charlie McConnell.