January 25, 2024 Webinar Recording

This College & University (C&U) Guidebook was created based on input from IFMA’s C&U Foodservice Leadership Council (FLC) . It provides foodservice suppliers with a checklist of possible actions they can take to elevate their relationship with valuable C&U customers. During this webinar recording, you'll hear how to utilize the data in this member-exclusive resource! 

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The College & University (C&U) Operator Guidebook has 5 areas of focus:

1. Understanding the C&U segment

2. Collaborating with the C&U segment

3. Sharing actionable insights

4. Marketing and merchandising support

5. How to bring relevant innovation to the C&U segment.


Watch the Webinar Recording:

This webinar is sponsored by Nestlé, MGP Ingredients, Custom Culinary, and Hershey. This webinar is open to join.